Re: Inconsistent tension on 1500

Nyssa Lanzafame

which edition of the machine do you have?  there is a plate on the top where the thread first goes through.  this is an area often over looked for lint/ debris build up- a lot of techs will not even access this during a service, unless requested. i am not sure why, but the first edition of the 15000 has this plate as easily removed by the user, and is included in the manual to do so.  i am not sure if it went away in the 2cnd or 3rd edition...maybe Jim can chime in on this?  i would look it up but having trouble with headaches right now.  Also, you can easily swing open the door to clean the top thread area---i love this about this machine! ( i have a different machine that i have to use a screw driver and then there are these pesky little clips that i am scared are going to break!)

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