Re: Mac Embroidery Software Recommendation

Estelle Torpy

EmbrIlliance is embroidery software that comes in parts. You purchase as much or as little as fits your needs. There are video lessons on YouTube and a manual. It is native to Mac but there is also a PC version. I have it on my iMac and a PC laptop. I find it relatively easy to use. All software has a learning curve. I have had Pfaff software, very expensive but I was teaching for a shop then and got a deal. I have used Embird, great software but for PC. 

EmbrIlliance has a free 30 day trial like most software. I do a lot of lettering, quilt labels, birth announcements and the name tags for the local quilt guild. EmbrIlliance works well for me because I can just type in what I need, even several lines and then can kern and make a variety of adjustments depending on the font I am using.

Download the trial and give it a spin. Good Luck,  Estelle

On Aug 7, 2020, at 9:37 AM, Sharron Brittingham via <brittisl1018@...> wrote:

I’m looking for a recommendation for an embroidery software I can use on a Mac. I recently did the free trial of Janome Artistic Designer and liked the software. I was very comfortable using the software but not with the price. I’m not sure how often I would use the software and did not want to spend that much on something I might not use often. 

What other embroidery software do y’all use?

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