Re: ruler foot

Nyssa Lanzafame

It may ‘fit’.  But the 11000se did not have a ruler foot, so this would be A 3rd party foot.  Sometimes those feet collide with the machine when the foot is lifted if the needle goes down.  I had a different machine and told myself “well i just won’t do that then”. Until 1 day I did by accident. And then the machine never worked the same and the cost of the service call to TRY to fix it was more than the cost of the ruler foot that Janome makes for the 14000.   The 14000 is such a nice machine I would save for the right foot, but that was a painful sad experience for me. 

On Tue, Aug 4, 2020 at 4:55 PM <sewnice@...> wrote:
 does any one know if a ruler foot bought for the Mc11000se will work for the MC 14000


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