Re: Inconsistent tension on 1500


You said it's skipping stitches. Are the "loops" really just long threads of skipped stitches, and not loops on the underside when embroidering? That can also be a foot pressure problem. I have a 12000 and notice that I often have to increase foot pressure if using 40 wt thread. Generally it's fine with 50 or 60 wt for piecing and sewing. I also have to adjust it sometimes if I'm using an odd needle. My usual is a Jeans #11 or Quilting #12. Another test she can try is to use the 1/4" flex foot for piecing and see if it still skips stitches. If the Flex foot doesn't skip with regular foot pressure but it does skip with the A foot, that's an indication of a foot pressure problem.

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