UGRR in Indiana

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My 4 times great grandfather Charles Hull served in war of 1812 
For his service, The president granted him a 100 acre homestead in southern Indiana.
He Married Pruea Judd from TN. Pruea's father built the KY and TN UGRRs
Pruea and Harriet  Tubman traveled Indiana to assign the safe houses.
Years ago the Indiana DNR commissioned the writing of the Indiana Underground railroad its eastern routes and passages.
Chapters 2 and 3 are about the Hull's.
I met the author in Facebook. she added to my story.
My mother would set my Shirley temple curls with sugar water, bees chased me all the time.
We would go down for a reunion everybody went outside after to play .
Not me the bees kept me inside I would sit under the table and listen to them talk about 'Aunt Mary' [really was Pruea]
I was the only one to hear it, one day grandpa found me under there and made me swear to never tell what I had heard .
When I was 60 I decided it was time to tell.
Nobody believed me so I bought each of my siblings a copy of the book.
After each dinner I would get other relatives aside and ask to confirm what I heard often they would add a bit.
Aunt Amelia never went to the dinners our step grandmother kicked her out when she was 15 so she never returned.
She enriched with more details.Pruea died 13 years before the civil war began She had already built the UGRR and helped hundreds to freedom.
My whole life I kept the secret even when the black kids would tell me I owed them for what my ancestors did.
Pruea and Charles had 5 sons all five served in the civil war.One was captured and the POWs were sent home after the war on the steamboat
Sultana he was on it when it exploded still to this day our largest maritime disaster, bigger than the Titanic.

Vicki Jane Hull- Wardwell

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