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I can think of several ways to get a recipe to 'appear' on a fabric kitchen towel such as embroidery, heat transfer, and screen printing (professionally done perhaps). 

I have not looked for it in many years, but there used to be a print transfer material you could send through your printer, print on it, then iron the 'design/print' onto a fabric surface. 

I did this back in the late 1990's to make matching t-shirts for a 'company required bowling team' of which I 'became' the 'captain' by reason one else lifted a finger to could not refer you to a specific product.  That material would start to 'disappear' after repeated washings...not sure about anything available today, if it still exists.

Good luck!

- Cat

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In an email/blog/etc. I got info on how to take a recipe, etc. and print it on a piece of fabric/kitchen towel/etc.
Did anyone else get this info or know how to do this? Our DIL just threw out that she had her grandmother’s recipe and thought it would be neat to have it “printed” for her sister and mom. I’d love to be able to do this for her.
Joyce in Ga

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