Re: Puckers in embroidery


Pat, it's just as Virginia says. 
Best Press is really more of a Sizing product which doesn't stiffen fabric. It's great for fabric that will be cut into pieces for quilt piecing and that kind of thing, BUT for embroidery you need stiffness. Also, the same goes for decorative stitching. Stiff!
Now about pressing Starched Fabric. It will not mess up your iron if you do it properly.
  • Spray a layer on one side of the fabric.
  • Let it soak in for several minutes. Don't shorten this step! Depending on the temperature of your environment this may need to be longer or shorter time. Sometimes I take my fabric outside and let it air dry for a little while.
  • Then turn the fabric over to the opposite side and press dry.
  • Give it a few seconds to cool down a bit.
  • Then spray it again.
  • Let it soak in...
  • Repeat this process at least 2-3 times depending on how stiffened you need the fabric to be. For most cotton fabrics I do 3 times.
This doesn't work with polyester fabric, polyester doesn't absorb the starch.

Why starch messes up an iron:  
  • Because it hasn't absorbed into the fabric
  • You've pressed the wet starch, Press the opposite side.
  • Also, Scorching the fabric will happen if you use a hot iron on the starch side of the fabric and it hasn't absorbed into the fibers well enough.
As you can see this takes a little foresight to plan ahead and prepare the fabric because it takes some extra time. It's well worth your efforts. You'll notice a huge difference in the quality of your embroidered & decorative stitching items.

Now about Terial: It's a great product too. It also requires some planning ahead to prepare the fabric. Best results are to soak the fabric by either spraying it or soaking in a bowl. Let it air dry for quite awhile before you try to press it.
I like it alot for clothing because it is so stiff, BUT I don't like the smell of it at all, so for most of my embroidery I prefer the Starch method.
Also, I have problems with the Terial spotting the fabric, so it has to be washed out, whereas with Starch I don't have the spotting problem.

Hope this helps!


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