Re: rulers


You can use a variety of rulers (or other guide) but the 6mm (1/4") thick type make the job easier as the ruler-foot is that height and won't ride up and over the edge of the ruler.  I was doing ruler quilting on my Janome 9450 a few days ago and some of my rulers are 3-4mm so I keep a closer eye on those and slow down a little.  These thinner rulers are cheaper versions I bought on eBay.

In saying that, I've used the same rulers on my Brother PQ1500 but the ruler foot for this machine can be raised/lowered, so the thinner rulers don't pose the same problem.

Lots of YouTube videos, particularly watch Leonie West (Westalee) quilting rulers as she worked with Janome and I'm sure she does a feather style. 

Hope this helps?  ...beware it's addictive!!  ;-))

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