Re: Binding Foot or Binder Attachment

Cheryl Paul

Thank you Diane,

I was hoping that you'd find the time and do a video of the binding from beginning to end.  I just finished 4 placemats to practice the binder and it took me a couple of weeks of thinking while doing other things, some sewing and some not to finish the ends.  If I can manage to do something "inside out and backwards" I do, so as much as I hate to admit this, it took me a WHOLE day to finish just 2 of those placemats.  I watched videos and even managed to still get things backwards or twisted.  I had to take a break to sort out my mind and try again.  SOOOO! you see why I'm asking for more help.  Another thing - the videos that are up on the internet are using the "traditional" binding method, which is double the width and sewn on in 2 steps.  This was confusing at first, until I took a look at my placemat and the "lights went on" and I realized that didn't matter as the angles were still the same.  Then I could concentrate on what was important and get it done.  However, I'll enjoy your video even more now that I don't have a particular struggle to get through for some results.

Cheryl - Saskatoon

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