Binding Foot or Binder Attachment

Cheryl Paul


I just want to point out that there are 2 different tools to do binding with our Janome machines.  One is the binder foot; and the other the binder attachment, which includes a foot in the blister pack of several things like screws and 2 main pieces.  The attachment costs a lot of money while the foot is probably less than ½ that cost.  The little foot as I understand it is for making or using bias binding and also will apply it to the edge of fabric for a nice finished edge.  The binder attachment, which as our Janome Educator says looks like a medical device that doctors use for female medical examinations.

I don't have the little foot and our dealer says they are on "back order", so I'm waiting to get one.  I do have the binder attachment, (in fact more than one; as the bobbin cover plate was changed and Janome didn't provide just that particular part and I changed from a 7mm machine to a 9mm machine and the foot didn't fit anymore).  It isn't difficult to use, but it does take practice and I've discovered more practice than I did for a project, so I used the old method for "the quilt" I made.  It is a good thing that your dealer wants you to come in and try the attachment.  He/She realize that many folks purchase these expensive items, then are not happy with the learning curve required to get used to using it and perhaps return them for a refund AND the package is opened and would be difficult to resell.  

The next thing about the binder attachment is "finishing" the binding at the end of the quilt.  I struggle with this in the traditional binding method, so imagine how I'm doing with the new.  I've asked Jim and Diane, IF they have the time to make a video for the footbook and machine (My 15000/My 12000) app's as well.  These last 2 app's are very specific to those machines, but contain valuable information that can be used for other Janome models as well, if you can adapt to a bit of change, ie:  where things appear on the machine screen - no embroidery, etc.  

Another thing I do and that is watch as many different videos I can to learn as much as I can when trying new techniques or refreshing one I may not have used often or for a long while.  Sometimes a different person presenting just uses different wording or pictures that makes the "bells ring" for me.

Whatever, you do, don't let this device intimidate you.  It is a fun attachment to use, even if it is expensive.  Remember that trying it out on something like placemats is a good place to learn as you have 4 corners on probably 4 placemats to get the hang corners, as that is the biggest challenge.  Our Janome Educator, that taught us how to use it told us that she can bind a fairly large quilt in 45 minutes - I'd like to watch her to see if it's a "fish" story - you know how the fish caught gets bigger in every telling of the same story.

Cheryl - Saskatoon 

PS:  The foot looks bigger than the attachment, but it is not,  it very much matches the size of your other sewing feet.  The attachment is much larger than the pictures shows, if you are comparing them below.

Binder Attachment                          Bias Binder Foot

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