Re: lace embroidery?

Mary Jo Hirsch

I used water solvable  stabilizer sandwich.   Once the lace was completed, soak in water to remove stabilizer    You can use coffee or tea to tint is necessary 

On Thu, Jul 9, 2020 at 4:00 PM Joyce Daniel <mdaniel@...> wrote:

I volunteered to help my DIL’s sister remodel her mom’s 40 yo wedding gown, to wear to her Oct. wedding.

The gown has yellowed lace that I can clean and whiten to a more off-white color but it will need some lace added.

Have any of you “made” lace? I have several lace embroidery designs and have done FSL ornaments but never lace to attach to a garment.

I would really appreciate some insights, help, etc. if you have done this and attached it to a dress

Thanks!! Joyce in GA






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