Re: Router ports to open and UDP or TCP?

Ceil J

Thank you again for all the help.  Today I threw everything at the wall and something stuck.  As my computer was previously dropping my secured network and telling me it was not to be trusted, I came to the conclusion that it was rejecting the new network too.  Not sure if that's it or not. I think the fix came when I turned off the Windows firewalls.  I thought I had tried this fix before but there was a different  firewall page that I was utilizing.  This time my computer search found two (wan and lan).  Now I have a better understanding of some things and luckily didn't have to wipe my hard drive and go through that process.  Thank you to all who offered suggestions.

On Mon, Jul 6, 2020 at 9:54 PM Ceil J via <> wrote:
Cat, ""access point" or as a "bridge"?"  I haven't a clue.  (Also this is different from what I just sent to you so I'm not sure what I've done here either.  Replying to your last post game me a much bigger font. 
Anyway, we moved about 3 years ago and had used this same type of set up in our previous home.  The main router plugged in and this one used to extend the network (my way of thinking),  I'm fairly sure we used that Netgear router before on it's own, maybe when we had dial up?  I don't remember. 
So at this house we had the teenage grandkids and their parents here once a week and they all had phones and ipads and sometimes the connections didn't seem to work too well so we plugged in the Netgear via Cat cable to the other router.  When this new laptop started to drop the main router network (which it was on with the Janome and printer), I was told our router was 'long in the tooth" (two years old) and that we should not use the Netgear as it confused the devices.  So they sent us this new Zyxel.  It seems to work well except for the laptop issue.  We have had no problems with the other devices hooked up to it.  It's just the laptop which won't recognize the printer or the Janome.  But I'm using the laptop otherwise and there are no other issues.  Strange, in my experience. 
As always, any suggestions are greatly appreciated.  (Okay, not "you should have bought a MAC") :)

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