Re: Router ports to open and UDP or TCP?

Cat - N

Ceil, hang on...LOL

You said "new laptop"...
You said "wipe"...

I am not easily buffalo'd by tech support, having spent over 30 years in IT building networks, servers, workstations, programming, etc.

If you have one WiFi device (desktop PC) that IS connected to the WiFi router, and another (new laptop PC) that is NOT connected, the ROUTER CAN STILL be the problem.

I have a similar problem PC might be on the WiFi, but hubby's PC and one or both of our iPhones is not, nor is the printer or the fridge or the range, but I know what the issue is here, and have already ordered a more powerful, capable router to replace this hunk of junk.

I am not sure what you'd be 'wiping' but first...

Things to check on the "new laptop" include:
1.  Is there a little switch that turns WiFi ON...?
2.  If so, IS WiFi turned ON...?
3.  Can YOU log into your router as "ADMIN"...?
4.  What do you IN your router when you log in...?

If it is a Windows laptop, and you can get a command prompt window, try typing:
ipconfig /all
EXACTLY as written above, then press ENTER.
There will be a bunch of gobbledy-gook, but scroll up through it and look for something like:
Wireless LAN adapter Wi-Fi
and make sure there are TCP/IP addresses associated with it.

- Cat

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