Re: Router ports to open and UDP or TCP?

Jim Stutsman

There are two "sides" to your network. The Wide Area Network (WAN) is the Internet, the outside world. That's where you need to be very careful about exposing the router to the legions of miscreants bent on getting in. The other side is the Local Area Network (LAN) inside your house. Devices that are all on the LAN don't need to worry abut ports and protocols, unless the go out to the WAN. The reason Janome does not publish port address or UDP/TCP is because the machine does not go on the WAN at all. It sounds like your guys don't quite understand how it works. You want to firewall the router on the WAN side, but on the LAN side there isn't much chance of one of your devices trying to hack another device. Maybe they're trying to protect you from a WiFi attack from someone sitting outside the house, but that's best done with encryption and noticing that somebody is sitting in front of the house with a phone or computer.

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