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I would just quilt around the words.

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Date: 7/5/20 6:13 PM (GMT-05:00)
Subject: [onlinesewing-janome] How Would You Do This?

Hello, Group!
Hope your 4th was enjoyable and safe--in all ways.

I need some opinions on a simple project. I want to make some potholders that will have words only embroidered on their fronts, and I want them to be quilted so that they are actually safe to use. I will be using batting appropriate for potholders, but I can't recall the names or brands of the batting that fits that description.  So that is my first request--what batting have you used for pot holders, and how have you liked what you used?  Any special things to know about the products?

  Number 2: I don't think the fronts of the potholders will lend itself well with quilting, because it will just be satin stitched words, so no motifs to just stitch around., and a grid of quilting might just interfere with the words.  So, how would you approach this? I was thinking maybe constructing the potholders in 2 quilted layers with just a plain fabric for the front, and a patterned fabric for the back. Then overlaying a layer on the front, quilted side. This overlay would be the embroidered words on a lightweight twill cotton fabric.  I would then bind all layers together.  Should I also bond the overlay to the quilted layer that would be underneath it, using a fusible product?  I know fusibles are not usually natural fibers and melt easily.    Any alternates to a fusible? Do I even need that??

Thanks in advance for your thoughts on this.... I just want to make this "reality check" to see if I am thinking correctly.

Kathy Strabel   Camas WA

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