Adding Metadata to Embroidery Files to Aid in Search


This question is most likely directed at Jim.

I'm still fairly new to machine embroidery and like everyone, I've begun collecting design files. Many companies have a naming convention of letters and numbers that are helpful for them but not so much for the end user.

Currently I have them organized by company and have added some descriptors to the name of the file. But I was wondering if it's possible to add metadata to a purchased embroidery file?
Since I'm on a Mac, I can "get info" about a file and there is a "Comment" section, would entering keywords in that section be included in a Spotlight Search?

I'm sure I could always plug it all into an Excel file and use filters to sort but I'm trying to avoid that work.

If you have a better suggestion for making files more searchable, I'd love to hear.

Thank you,

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