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The manual I saw for the 14000, a PDF I downloaded when my friend was looking into buying her 14000, shows embroidery designs that come with the machine, starting on page 161.  If you do not see the 'spool of thread' design in your machine or manual, you would need to purchase it, if it is being sold, or download it from whatever website/digitizer is offering it for download as a 'free' sampler design.  I have some designs that 'match' the general description you gave...some are filled, some are redwork...but doubtful, even if I looked up where I got them, will any of them be 'the one' you saw and liked.  I couldn't tell you what website has/had the design you want, but you could easily do an internet search and hopefully, the one you are looking for will be the first link that you see.

Congratulations on your 14000.  It is a lovely machine...enjoy!

- Cat

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I have seen a design that shows a spool of thread with a  trail of thread.  Does any know if that is a design that has to be downloaded?  Or is it on the MC 14000, and I just haven't seen it.
Thank you 
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