Re: Difficult Choice

Susan Jester

I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for telling me about your machines and what you love about them. So today I took the 2 hr drive and tried out both machines.  While I would have loved to have gotten the M7, I couldn’t justify spending the extra money on it.  I have a long arm so I really don’t use my machine except to piece and maybe do some stitch in the ditch prior to putting it on my frame.  

So I bought the 9450!  Got a very good deal that I couldn’t pass up and a bonus along with the Home Depot gift card for hubby.  The only accessory I bought was the magnifying set.  That is so cool.  I didn’t trade in my 6600, so now I’ve got to rearrange my sewing room to fit in my new baby.  Thanks again everyone


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