Re: Difficult Choice

Richard and Debra

Hi Susan, for many years, I have traded the then considered top of the line Janome machine, for the next top of the line, and I now have the 9400.  It has everything I have wanted, and to name two of my favorites, the auto-lift presser foot, and the HP foot and plate, which gives a perfect 1/4".  I have looked at the M7 (online) and it looks wonderful!  What I did was go to Janome website and compare side by side the 9400 or 9450 and the M7.  When I did that, I found out that other than physical differences, both machines have pretty much the same functions.  That said, if I didn't have my 9400, and was looking at both, I would probably choose the M7, simply because I like the way it looks and it is a little bigger!  LOL  Do the comparison on the website, maybe that will help you decide - good luck!

Deb (KY)

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