Re: MC 14000

Lyn Quine

I have the 12000 and 15000 and I always leave the embroidery unit on the back, but don’t try and move the machine.  It would hang off the back and possibly damage the back.  Always remove it to move the machine.  It’s very useful in place for normal sewing it doesn’t get in the way and extends the depth of the bed.  The extension table fits as well once the box is off and can be in place when embroidering, it helps support the embroidery hoops.  My machine is always in place with both attached for everything except when using the free arm then obviously I remove the extension table, again no need to remove the embroidery unit.

not sure about the HP plate that came out for the 15000  after the 14000 was launched so not sure it would work, and I don’t know if the upgrade would work on it which is required I think for the needle to be in the optimum position to use it.  Perhaps Jim will be able to tell us.  

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