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Hi, I am not expert enough to give you a 'definitive' answer, but I am not sure about the HP foot, HP needle plate and HP2 foot for the 14000.  You 'might' be able to sew using the HP foot and needle plate, but it might not 'set up' the machine properly like the other needle plates do for the 14000 since the 14000 'might not' be able to properly 'read' the 'sensor' info and 'might' endanger your 14000 as well.

The HP foot and needle plate were first introduced for the 9400QCP, as I recall, then the 15000 model got an optional upgrade opportunity, giving them the ability to use the HP kit when upgraded to v.3.  Janome lists the 9400QCP, Quilt Maker 15000, Quilt Maker Memory Craft 15000, 6650, 6700P, and 9450QCP as being models the HP foot and needle plate are accessories for:

The HP foot and needle plate came out after the 14000 was introduced, which was after the 15000 v.2 model came out...and the 9400QCP came out after the 14000, if I correctly recall.  The free motion couching foot and some designs DID come with the 14000, where they did NOT come with the 15000 because the couching foot came out after.  However, the couching feet work on the 'upgraded to v.3' 15000's and there are couching designs on the Janome website that can be downloaded for free. It would be my 'guess' that the HP foot and needle plate would require an upgrade for the 14000 in order to work properly...and I have not looked at upgrades for 14000 machines, but I have not seen Janome 'say' the HP foot and needle plate work on the 14000, and Janome would be who I'd trust...or someone with contact/training by Janome. 

As to the embroidery unit, I only take the embroidery unit off my 15000 when I need to take it in for annual service, upgrades, etc.

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Hi, I just received my new 14000.  :)    I am wondering if the HP foot and sole plate are for use with this model?   Also is it recommended to leave the embroidery accessory connected while doing regular sewing, or should I take it off?    Thank you.

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