Re: Janome 12000 and 14000


Hi Sandy
If you are like me, and buy a quality machine, take good care of it, and keep it for years, then I suggest the 14000. I went over the features when I was choosing amongst the 12000, 14000, and 15000, and I accepted my dealer's thoughts that paying several thousand dollars more for wifi wasn't essential (even though she loves her own 15000) and the 14000's cable and the flash drive were very adequate; and so I have found. She also said that the extra features the 14000 had over the 12000 were significant, and so the 14000 was what I went with, and I have been very happy with it. I put my laptop by the machine and connect via the cable, or use the usb if I copy something from another computer. I was offered a trolley case as my purchaser's gift with the machine but I said no as the 1400 is quite big, and I wouldn't take it to classes, but it is a very substantial machine which I appreciate in the studio. The Janome rep then offered a 5 spool stand, which I accepted, and it is soooo useful, I love it. Good luck with your decision and enjoy whichever machine you decide on.
Janet in New Zealand 6600P; QC14000

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