Re: Difficult Choice


For many years I owned a 6500P and now own a 9450. 

Initially it was a difficult decision to upgrade because I loved using the 6500 and everything about it, in fact I kept it for 3 months after buying it's replacement just in case I changed my mind.  The only reason I ruled out the M7 was due to it's physical size, my sewing room is quite small, and I have multiple machines so that was the decider. 

The 9450 is an absolute delight to use and I can't imagine what could be added to make it better.  Recently I bought a Ruler Kit and while I've only done some testing so far, I have a project or two planned in the future.  Mostly I sew garments from bras to faux sherpa/suede jackets and the 9450 just sails through everything with ease.  In fact the first thing I made after unpacking the 9450 was a satin and lace bra and felt that was a good test, which it passed with flying colours.  At the moment I'm making a quilted jacket but have made handbags, wallets, home dec items and occasionally a quilt, so a wide variety of fabrics. 

Hope this helps?  ;-)

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