Re: Another MBX Cross Stitch add on question


Jim, Have you found out anything further on the MBX Cross Stitch issue?

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There is a different product for cross stitch on MBX, but if you have V3 cross stitch installed and upgrade to MBX, you have cross stitch for MBX. In essence all that's in that box is software and a code to update your dongle to activate cross stitch. However the software in the box assumes that your dongle is version 3. Please don't do anything until I have checked this. You don't want to do anything that will damage your dongle! I'll consult with experts and report back.

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Does the old Janome Cross Stitch add-on work with MBX? I have one that I bought about 3 years ago and I'm sure it sat in my dealer's for a while before I decided I needed it and then have never used it. I will install it if there won't be any problems. Now that I've got my Mac Book Pro accepting everything nicely and not crashing (my fault, I'm sure) I don't want to mess it up.



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