Re: Janome 12000 and 14000

Lyn Quine

I have the 12000, but I also have the 15000.  I would go for the 14000, the 12000 is discontinued so if you can get one new or exdemo, it’s old stock, I’d be cautious.  I’m not a lover of the wifi function on the 15000, it’s greedy on the wifi, we can’t use the internet when the 15000 is on the net, might be my internet, but we normally have at least 4 devices on the net all the time, we have to switch 3 of them off to use the internet for the 15000, so I stick to USB sticks.  But don’t get me wrong the 15000 is my pride and joy, I love using it, and I worry if it does something strange And it will be my error not the machine.  

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