Re: reviews of the M7

Cheryl Paul

Welcome to the group.

I purchased the Continental M7 Before Christmas best purchase I’ve made in a long long time. I’ve been with Janome machines for over 35 years and loved each and every one of the 10 or so I’ve owned in that time. This one is the best if the best. I got to try it when taking a Bra Class in November. Bra fabric can be tricky sewing, especially all the short seams and stretching elastic on to the fabric. I’ve never had issues with any of my Janome’s and bra sewing but this machine was comfortable from the very first seam. I had my mind made up within the first hour of sewing in that class that the M7 was for me. I sealed the deal right after the second class a week later and picked it up the next day.

Since Covid 19 hit I’ve been spending more time sewing - quilting specifically. I decided to really give the new HP system on this machine a test.
I’ve always been “about ¼ in” seam sewer but the new HP foot makes me more right on with those ¼” seam allowances. It also sewed up a sweater knit beautifully, sweatshirt fleece and a t-shirt as well. What I haven’t done yet is a dress but I will soon and I know I’ll be equally happy with results with that too.

I think you should go and try this machine for yourself. It will be different than your Bernina but I think you’ll like it and find it easy to use.


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