Re: reviews of the M7

Pam Davison

I have the M7 I've had it now for about six or seven months it's a pretty good machine that has more penetration power than the 15000 but don't believe the hype about all the layers that it Goes Pro

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Nice to see new “faces” welcome, this is a great place for things Janome. I am a long time Janome user and a new M7 owner. I really like the new machine and as a quilter it’s a great fit. I also own a Janome 15000 a combo sewing, embroidery machine. I’d been using the 15000 mostly for quilting and occasionally embroidery. When I sat down at the M7 I really felt it was different and I loved the way it sounded and felt. I have never owned a Bernina but I have friends that wouldn’t switch so that’s all up to you. The harp space is WONDERFUL. The M7 does have a low bobbin sensor, a top thread breakage sensor as well; both can be turned off. The machine has everything that a quilter or garment sewist could want AND MORE. I give it very high marks.

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