reviews of the M7


Hello, first time posting! I am in the market for a new machine and am impressed with the media info on the M7, I am hoping some owners can tell me their experiences and if they feel this machine is all it claims to be and more! I am mostly a quilter but also do sew garments, some home dec and craft sewing. I love the larger space but am also interested in great tension and ease of use is important as well! Does this machine have a low bobbin sensor, I just am hoping for experiences and feelings about how happy you are with your machines, if you wish you had picked a different machine or any helpful info as a new buyer to Janome! I have been sewing on a Bernina 440 for the last 10 years and have loved it but would like to upgrade, I have looked at the 7 series but am feeling like Janome has so much to offer at much better prices! thank you so much for your time!

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