Re: Question for other HD9 owners

Pam Davison

The machine is louder than my other Janome machines however the styrofoam should not be all beat up more than likely you got a used machine

Unfortunately there are some shady dealers out there I had a dealer try that with me with the hd9 and because I know Janome machines and how they're packed I knew it was a used machine I had to end up threatening the dealer letting them know that if my money wasn't refunded immediately I was going to report them to Janome to the Better Business Bureau and I was going to ask my credit card company to do a chargeback if they didn't do it

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After several months of other distractions, I am finally getting to one of the projects that I bought my HD 9 for.  It seems to sew fine but am really surprised at how noisy it is.  It really seems to have a groaning noise as it sews, which is particularly noticeable at lower sewing speeds.  Checking the troubleshooting in the manual, I did clean and oil it, but the noise is still there.
Is this typical of this particular machine or do I need to get it in to my dealer while it is still under warranty?  I am slightly concerned because I had assumed it was a new-in-the-box machine but when I went to oil it, I discovered some lint buildup in the bobbin area and fuzzy red thread fibers in the bobbin case tension spring.  Also, the styrofoam in the box was really beat up (had to pick pieces of styrofoam out of crevices using tweezers).


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