Re: Memory Craft 11000 auto needle threader not working

Cheryl Paul

The MC11000 does not have a lock function and the needle threader is also very different. Does your needle threader come down to the needle so that you can do your part with the thread? I used to sometimes need to coax the needle threader to enter the eye of the needle by gently pushing it forward - then everything worked after that.

Another thing could be that everything is not lined up so it is protesting. It might be worth your time to take it to your dealer and have the technician look at it. I just wish I had that threading system on my 15000, Skyline S9 and my Continental M7. My 11000 NEVER failed me but my new machines work less than half the time, no matter the brand or size of needle I use. The thread shouldn’t matter unless it is a thicker kind. Anything that is a 30 weight or higher should always thread.

Cheryl - Saskatoon
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