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Vikki Youngmeyer

If you ever have to ship one of those pieces back to the manufacturer to be repaired, you will need the box. If you don’t save it, you will be paying a box company to make a custom one for you which would work in a pinch, but not offer as good a support for travelling as the original Janome box. Plus the cost is ridiculous!

The original boxes themselves are quite sturdy. Is there any way you could put them in a corner of a room and throw a quilt over it and use it as a “makeshift” table? If you need more support on the top, you could probably find something at a lumber  yard to work for a top, such as a thin sheet of plywood or Masonite and place the quilt on top of that. Pieces that size are usually in the “throw-away” bins at Home Depot or Lowes. I got a piece of pegboard for another project out of one of those bins for a couple of dollars.


I did have to ship my 15000 to New York for repair when the cutter failed. I had to pay shipping both ways. The store where I bought it helped me with packing it into the box. 


I would talk to your dealer and get her advice on what she needs. Where I work, if the machine under 5 years old we don’t  want the power cords, extra feet, plates, carriers, etc. as we most of those supplies are standard for a number of Janome machines which she has in her workshop. If you leave any pieces other than the machine, write down on the service order what pieces were left with the machine, so you get them back.


Hope this helps.


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All --


I have to embark on one of my most dreaded occasions: taking my 15000 in for its overdue service.  It took 30 minutes to find the ginormous Tuto case and another hour to get everything into the case.  That doesn't count getting the behemoth down the stairs and into the car!  Anyway, my question is, what are the most important things I should suggest that they check?  I know they have a list of things they do routinely, but what else might I mention?  I definitely want a new bobbin case and I want the white "disk" underneath it replaced. I can also hear the slightest "touch" sound when the needle goes down slowly and I don't think the needle ever really goes all the way up when I press the needle up/down button.


The second thing is that we are doing Covid-cleaning since we aren't going out, and I wanted to know if it's imperative that I keep the boxes the machine and embroidery unit came in.  They are taking up valuable real estate.


Thanks to all!


Carole Hollmann

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