Re: Two Questions, Please

Jim Stutsman

If you need a new bobbin case, as well as the white plastic piece that sits under it, there is a good chance that the hook race is damaged. If so, it will cause problems with the new bobbin case. Ask them to check the hook race for needle strikes (Magnifying glass recommended), and to buff them out with the tool that has the part #OILSTONE. Hopefully this will not get you a blank look! There is a chance they don't stock the plastic disc or the tool and will have to order them. That could take a good long while. Note that when you take the machine in for service you do not (and should not) take all the feet & accessories in with it. The more stuff of yours they have, the more likely it is that something will be lost. I used to send EVERYTHING back home except the machine. Foot control was left only if they were having trouble with it.

The only real reason to keep the boxes is to allow for the possibility of the machine having to go to NJ for service. 

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