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I am glad you got it figured out...been there myself, even with the thread.  I opened three brand new (still cellophane-wrapped but no idea how old they actually were since they were given to me by a friend) cones of black thread once, and all I did was tie the threads on and pull them through, and boy-oh-boy did my 10-thread Pfaff 4872 dislike that thread!!!  I even completely re-threaded and it still hated the 'thought and taste' of that black thread...the same brand I was already using.  Since the color thread didn't really matter, I put the pink, yellow and blue threads back, and the machine just hummed along perfectly, so the black bull denim had a lovely pastel overedge stitch on it...LOL. 

I have since bought more of the same brand of black thread, and the machine loves the thread.  No idea why it 'hates' those three cones...nothing at all wrong with them that I can tell from the 'tests' I did on them OFF the machine...LOL

- Cat

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Thank you for your help.  I got up this morning at 2:30am because It was on my mind and started working again on it.  A friend had sent me the cover pro repair manual and I went to work.  By 6:30am, it was running great and my shirt was finished.  I cleaned the discs first and changed thread to three different colors.  I had to use another brand and found out that for one thing, it did not like the thread I was using even though I had used it before.  When I put in Maxi Lock, I could tell the discs were better.  I changed all of my settings including the pressure on the presser foot which are is where even near what the factory settings should be.  I see know why it never ran that great.  I was always afraid to mess with the dials for fear of really messing it up.  Well, it is running great now and I am happy.  


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