Re: Cover Pro 1000 CXP

Cynthia Dickerson

Thank you for your help.  I got up this morning at 2:30am because It was on my mind and started working again on it.  A friend had sent me the cover pro repair manual and I went to work.  By 6:30am, it was running great and my shirt was finished.  I cleaned the discs first and changed thread to three different colors.  I had to use another brand and found out that for one thing, it did not like the thread I was using even though I had used it before.  When I put in Maxi Lock, I could tell the discs were better.  I changed all of my settings including the pressure on the presser foot which are is where even near what the factory settings should be.  I see know why it never ran that great.  I was always afraid to mess with the dials for fear of really messing it up.  Well, it is running great now and I am happy.  

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