Re: Zigzag stitch on Janome 9400


Looks like your upper tension is too loose.  When you are threading your machine, the presser foot much be in the "UP" position to open the tension disks and let the thread seat properly between them.  This is ALWAYS needed!!  So- cut your thread close to the spool (before it enters the thread path) and then gently pinch the needle and pull the thread out at the needle.  (This will help prevent getting frayed/shredded thread/gunk in your tension.... never pull your thread backwards thru your machine in other words!).  When you are ready to thread the needle- if you need more foom for your fingers you can then drop the foot, but not before.  Set your upper tension at about 4-5 and see if it's not better.


And- I don't think this is the issue- but make sure your bobbin goes into the bobbin case looking like the letter "P" with the thread coming off the left side.  It should not look like a "q".

Tracy in Nashville, TN

Martha Pullen Licensed Educator

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