Artistic digitizer free trial???

William D Lawson

Has anyone logged onto and applied for the free (until the end of May) Artistic Digitizer???  I have been watching a lot of videos on how to use it.  I also signed into the Facebook page.  I got the password so that I can play with the software for a month.  Now I have the option of purchasing the software for $900 instead of the list price of $1200.  Is that a good deal or should I get something else???  I really like all the videos and they are supposed to continue those on the Facebook page.  I had the older version of the Janome digitizer with the dongle and had nothing but trouble trying to keep the dongle active.  I guess I am just looking for confirmation that it is not a waste of money.(I sure wish there was someone close to me who knows how to digitize with this program.  I learn better when I can collaborate with someone.)
Gwen Lawson
Lafayette, Indiana

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