Re: S9 Stitch recall


do you mean that you want the machine to also remember the stitch setting that you've changed?
Resume Mode means that when you turn your machine back on the machine will ask you if you want to Resume. That means it picks up where you left off. If you adjusted a stitch it will remember it for that session of "Resume."
Favorite Stith Adjustment is maybe what you want in addition to a Resume Mode?
The instructions are in the Manual around or on page 40 of the online downloaded Manual. The printed manual may be a different page.
You have to first turn on the option for Favorite Stitch Adjustment in the Settings. (Sewing Settings-Page 4)
Then when you pick a stitch you can save it with the adjusted settings that you want, so everytime you use that stitch you don't have to adjust it again.
Once it's saved as a Favorite, you can always select the Default settings as well.

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