Re: # of stitches in design

Zena M <zena.mayberry@...>

Today I tried to stitch out an Embroidery Library design on the 230 x 230 hoop. It had 55048 stitches, this was too many stitches for the machine. I reduced the design to 49273 and the design stitched out fine.

--- In, "Jim_Stutsman" <jim@...> wrote:

I haven't seen an "official" number, but I've heard 250,000. I've also heard that designs in that range are rejected as being too large. The limit for the 11000 and MB-4 is 100,000, so I'm sure that at least that size will work on the 12000. There is also an upcoming update to the 12000 that will add CD support, so it's possible that there will be a change in the stitch limit at that time.

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