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valora hammond

Ok. Just a guess here for the thicker fabrics.  Since the machine auto adjust for thickness, have the hover/pivot function turned on- and then just stop at the thickness- let the foot adjust to the thickness and the continue sewing.  Not sure if that would help but did when trying to free motion over badly pressed seems.  

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Use the hump jumper for the thicker seams.


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Favymtz —


The reason why I was the most recent complainer about the blob at the beginning of a seam is that I once attended a sewing event where we had a large room of Janome is 15000 machines. The one I was using was perfect; I could start a seam not quite on the material and have nary a blob. This did not require any thread holding. I then moved to five or six other other machines with my fabric scrap in hand and most were also perfect. I have cursed my personal machine ever since. 


You have now saved me from my futile desire for perfection. I will now always hold my thread to the right when I start. I must have tested it 50 times in the last two days sewing masks and other things and the thread-to-the-right technique worked every time.  And you are correct that you only have to hold the top thread.  Yay!


Now does anyone have suggestions on how to sew through thicker material?  I’m not talking multi-layer denim—just a double or triple layer of thicker, rougher cotton. It is as if the feed dogs aren’t pulling the fabric through. 


Thanks so much for the suggestion!!



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