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Cat - N

Thank you, Jim.  I had done another run-through in SETTINGS, and on the iPad Air, had turned off pretty much everything 'iTunes & App Stores' and/or 'Apps' and/or anything 'Automatic' and/or 'Downloads' related, so I will go through the iPad 4 to make sure I have everything turned off there, too.  I did download a few more 'trial apps' and they did not show up on the Janome iPad Air so...woo hoo...Thank You!

Thank you, also, for the info on the REMINDERS and NOTES apps.  I seem to recall some discussion in the Group about NOTES working well as a 'free form database'...which I have been planning to dig out of my SAVED EMAIL and re-read.

I hardly used Siri on either of my 5s iPhones and I think never on the iPads, but have been trying Siri out more and seems to work better now that it used to years ago.  The BBOS10 Blackberry Assistant did so much more than Siri did, so I used it quite a lot, so hoping Siri is more like the BA app.  I have definitely seen Siri 'get it wrong' on other things, but I suppose that is to be expected with anything 'AI' related.

I had already been 'trialing' REMINDERS and NOTES, but I am really wanting a 'replacement' for the BBM Groups apps so that whichever of us puts something on a shopping list, calendar, etc., it shows up on both of our phones.  That was sooooo nice about the BBM Groups functions, and until recently, BBM was available for Android and iPhone so BBM Groups could include literally all of your family and friends in whichever Groups you created to consolidate all those things into, and it made planning events and such sooooo nice and sooooo easy since everybody in that Group got the same calendar, the same lists, the same shared BBM Messages, the same photos, and, well...I have not seen anything on Android or iPhone that comes anywhere close.

- Cat

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