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Cheryl Paul

Hi Everyone,

In Saskatchewan, we have very cold weather in the winter, so when this COVID-19 started we weren’t particularly handicapped as going out isn’t something we do if it isn’t necessary. Going to church was probably my biggest hurdle to get through, but our Bishop and the priests in our city put up videos of Mass every week, so we are only missing out on the physical presence in the church. I’ve got to attend Mass at many parishes in the mean time and haven’t been to Mass so many times on a Sunday as I have for the last 8 or so weeks.

Now after watching more TV than any human should watch in a lifetime, I’ve decided that ENOUGH. I had started a quilt last summer with my grand daughter Julia age 9 at the time. She helped sew blocks together on a couple of days in July. She didn’t seem to get time to come over so I’m finishing it. Of course, it was way to small, so I started growing it, and growing it some more. I couldn’t just put up enough blocks on my design wall (a flannel sheet hanging on the wall in the kitchen/dining room) - that would have been to easy, so I ended up adding rows and columns THREE times and then 3 more borders to that. It still won’t be a big as I’d like it, but I’m so stressed trying not to get colours touching each other - by the way that didn’t work and there are many that are touching, but it looks good. The block I used was the disappearing 9-patch and I’m going to do 2 more of the same. However, I am going to attack it quite differently and get the advise of someone who really loves quilting and can point me in the right direction. Julia’s quilt is “wild” and colourful - that was maybe part of my stress as there was no rhyme nor reason to how it was constructed - NO RULES at all. How can you guess that “quilting” isn’t my strong suit?

In my sewing world, I worked a little on a class quilt which will turn into small wall hanging, made a jacket from sweatshirt fleece - turned out beautifully, and have another sweater that just needs buttons and buttonholes - but I need to get to Fabricland to get some buttons as I don’t have 5 or 6 black 3/4” buttons in my button stash. Fabricland is some time away from opening as they are in a Mall and Malls are off limits here at the moment. Perhaps one of my quilt shops will have some and they are opening in a limited capacity next week. So I have been trying to spend a few hours each day at my new Janome Continental M9 machine - I love that machine. The 15000 and Skyline S9 are sitting idle, but I’ll have to dust them off or they will not co-operate when I do want to use them - they’ll pout or refuse to allow me near them and jam up when I hit the foot pedal.

I’m glad to hear from everyone on this forum and see how we are all making out in these difficult times. Hopefully, things will get better, but I expect that a NEW normal will be they way it will be at least for some time to come.

Cheryl - Saskatoon

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