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Carole Hollmann

Hi, Jim and All --

I don't participate with the group very much, but I do read every post and enjoy thoroughly hearing from all the sewers and receiving Jim and Diane's advice that can't be found anywhere else.  Since we have traveled quite a bit, I love reading sewers' posts from around the world! 

My husband and I were both raised by parents who went through the Great Depression. It has colored our entire lives--but not necessarily in a bad way.  The stories we heard caused us not to waste, to be thoughtful about what we buy, and to save every extra penny.  We haven't done those things in a paranoid way; instead, we had an awareness that it could happen again at any time and prepared the best we could.  Downton Abbey got me interested in the Spanish Flu and I have since read quite a bit about it.  Certainly made me realize that such a pandemic was likely not a one-time deal either. 

We listen (almost exclusively) to news broadcasts other than those in the USA.  We listen to broadcasts from UK, Japan, Germany, and France.  Because of that, it gave us a head start on this mess. While our government was saying "no problem," in January, I was running around stocking up and ticking off things that needed to be done.  On my to-do list was my yearly mammogram.  Thank God I got it in before the testing stopped.  Yes, it was cancer.  However, because of the growing pandemic, I have been pushed and pulled through the processes of scans, surgeries, tests, treatment, etc., at breakneck speed in order to outrun the virus. I have received such fabulous care that I can't even type about it without tearing up. 

On the sewing side, being in the house so much has allowed me to dust off my Janome 15000.  I have had a love/hate relationship with it for the 5+ years I've owned it.  It balks at sewing masks with any bulk at all and leaves the often described blob at the beginning of each seam unless I use  a scrap of fabric to start.  I've lately resorted to putting Sewers Aid on the needle before sewing the pleats.  I have seriously considered chucking it out the nearest window on several occasions.  Speaking of masks, as my stash of elastic and nose-piece material (Christmas ornament hangers work great) has dwindled, and after multiple false online orders, I finally received a supply of elastic and bendable nose pieces from Amazon, so I can continue sewing masks and cursing the machine. 

In our area (Cincinnati, Ohio, USA), as restrictions are lifted, people go out and socialize elbow-to-elbow as if nothing happened or could happen.  I don't get it, but I think my husband and I will be in our house for quite a while and have possibly taken our last trip abroad.  But I have to say, we are so grateful that we live in an area where we have wonderful neighbors, a yard so we can get outside, and contact-free pickup and delivery of almost everything (except elastic and nose pieces).  Our grown children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren are all well--although all face their own problems--and they are well.  All these things we have--and many more--are wonderful blessings.

My husband and I have laughed hysterically at some of the corona-virus funnies on line (because they're spot on) and sometimes sob because others don't have what we have.  I pray this group will continue to stay safe and have everything needed to survive this difficult time, and I thank all of you for the many, many posts that are so interesting!

Carole Hollmann

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