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Speaking of iPads and iPhones...

Last month we were 'forced into' making a move from Blackberry phones to 'some other hardware platform' phones, and I now have the iPhone 11 Pro Max.  I won't bore you with my 'heartbreak' at not having a Blackberry, but the issue is that the iPhone 'syncs' every app I install on the iPhone to my two iPads, particularly the Janome branded iPad Air that came with my 15000.  My iPhone is 256 MB but the iPad is nowhere near that, and worse yet...I ONLY use the iPads for the 15000...and maybe a couple games and reading PDF machine manuals, so I really do NOT want the iPads to 'sync' with the phone EXCEPT for apps like FootBook, ThreadBook, AcuDesign, etc.  I cannot tell you how WONDERFUL it is to be able to take my 'lists' with me on the phone now...thank you so very much...maybe I won't buy duplicate presser feet anymore...though the extras DO make NICE gifts!  LOL

Is there a setting that you know of...that I have not been able to find...to stop 'junk' from my phone (like shopping list apps I have been tying out, looking for a decent one, etc.) from landing on my Janome iPad?

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Amazon has the latest generation of iPads at good prices. Don't get the smallest (32GB), but the next biggest should be fine. Pick the size that works for you. Sadly your iPad 2, or maybe iPad 4 depending on when you got it, is not able to run most of the latest apps. Sadly the pace of software runs much faster than the ability of the hardware to keep up. To make it worse, the battery in an iPad is pretty much not replaceable. The screen is glued on and getting it open is pretty much out of the question. Expect a lifetime of 3-5 years before it either expires is becomes hopelessly obsolete. Ironically the iPhone does have a replaceable battery, though that is not for the faint of heart. I recently attempted to replace the battery on an iPhone 7 so I could use it for development. The process seemed to go smoothly once I got past the adhesive seal making it waterproof. However when I finished putting in the new battery the Home button & Touch ID no longer work. Should have just paid Apple to do it!

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