15000 squeak and checking in


Hi all,
Good to see the postings from the group. I have been making some masks for friends and family and also sewing cushions, armrest covers and placemats for our sunroom. Also, spending lots of time outside while the temperatures can still be described as pleasant (before we start getting into the 90s).

At the moment, I am working on a baby quilt for my neighbor’s new grandchild. I am on a deadline because Grandma is headed to go help her daughter on Friday. I was using a good quality purchased free motion quilting embroidery design which requires me to skip past the quilt block framing steps to get to the actual free motion stitchout. When doing this, I have noticed that my 15000 seems to have developed a slight squeal as it is moving the hoop forward and backward to go to the new starting points. Is this something I should get it to shop for? Or is it a “normal” noise?

In the interest of full disclosure, it may have done it before but I usually had my stereo turned up in the background. Currently I have had to turn the volume down because my husband is working from home in a nearby home office.


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