Re: Ultimate ruffler

Patricia Ward

Thank you, Jim.   

I again looked at the part numbers and the part number for the ruffler for the 11000 is 943100000  Then I checked the one on my box and it is 943-100-000  ... Same one I assumed so I thought I would try it.   WOW, it fits the 11000 and works... I have done gathers and pleats on it and it is working fine.  

So I will save my money and not purchase the one for the 15000 now since I have a workable ruffler. 

Stay well.


On Wed, May 6, 2020 at 12:13 PM Jim Stutsman via <> wrote:
That was Janome's first snap-on ruffler. As I recall it is low shank, and thus would not work on either of your high-shank embroidery machines. You can check without risk by snapping it on and lowering the presser foot. If it is not in contact with the feed dogs it won't work. There is also the issue of stitch width, which might require adjusting the position of the needle hole on the ruffler. There is a ruffler that is suitable for your 15000 - part number 202095004, foot RF.

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