Acudesign to PC. Can’t open file on PC

Mary Sanerkin

I have created a file in acudesign and tried to send it via email.  I downloaded the files (one jef+ and one pdf)  into embroidery editor on my PC in readiness to transfer to my Janome 500e.  When I try to open the file in the embroidery editor it fails.  It has worked previously so I know the process works.  Not sure what I am doing wrong/differently.  I cannot even send the file to acuedit as it doesn’t appear to do anything when I tap copy to acuedit. Does renaming the file in acudesign have any affect?  Please help as it is driving me mad!  I just have to get my  from acudesign to my Janome 500e.   Any hel- would be appreciated.  Equipment used in the process iPad /pc /janome 500.

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