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Shirley:  Our 9 mm machines will not recognize an embroidery stitch that is wider than 9mm as a stitch and will treat it as a color stop.  This can happen if you enlarge a design or I have had it happen when converting a design from the original to a different format.  A great test would be to take your design and rename it “so you don’t wreck the original”.  Decrease the size by 20%.  Stitch out the area where it was cutting the stitches instead of sewing them.  You can just advance the design to the color you want and don’t waste time and thread stitching out the whole thing.  If this fixes your problem then you have a NEW problem.  What to do with the original design so those stitches are no wider than 9mm.  I can do this in my software but don’t know what you use so can’t advise.  Good luck ...... hope this is your problem as it’s better than a mechanical one.

On May 1, 2020, at 6:53 PM, valora hammond via <SOITEACH@...> wrote:

Was it doing a wide satin stitch? It might have thought that stitch was a jump stitch.  If it was a wide satin then turn off the cutter for that object. 

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Jim,  I was completing a design when my machine kept stopping cutting the thread & doing it again & again.  I immediately stopped turned the machine off waited for a few minutes & tried again, it still kept stopping & cutting thread over & over.  I do not think the design had a problem, but think my cutter does.  Can I turn off the cutter & see if it works for the normal straight stitch & leave the design till I get my machine looked at?.  I know it is needed for a tune up, but not sure if vendor can take it.  My machine is the Elna 920 which is the same as the 14000.  I just do not want to add any problems to it.  Thanks Shirley in NJ  PS bobbin & needle were fine.

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