Re: Re To thread cutter

valora hammond

Was it doing a wide satin stitch? It might have thought that stitch was a jump stitch.  If it was a wide satin then turn off the cutter for that object. 

On May 1, 2020, at 1:32 PM, Shirley Allen <sowhat1935@...> wrote:

Jim,  I was completing a design when my machine kept stopping cutting the thread & doing it again & again.  I immediately stopped turned the machine off waited for a few minutes & tried again, it still kept stopping & cutting thread over & over.  I do not think the design had a problem, but think my cutter does.  Can I turn off the cutter & see if it works for the normal straight stitch & leave the design till I get my machine looked at?.  I know it is needed for a tune up, but not sure if vendor can take it.  My machine is the Elna 920 which is the same as the 14000.  I just do not want to add any problems to it.  Thanks Shirley in NJ  PS bobbin & needle were fine.

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