Re: Horizon Link Software -

Cheryl Paul

Good for you. You made it. Keep at it. Write down what you do and tape it to your 15000 (just kidding) so you never forget and have a reminder. I think that sometimes the biggest challenge is getting what you want/need to where it’s wanted. Sewists aren’t necessarily computer wizards, but I think that technology is trying to get us there.

You probably figured out that transferring designs is a “one at a time” process or at least that’s the only way I’ve done it. Also using a USB is the easiest way that I’ve found. If the WiFi works and everything is open on the right page in both the computer and sewing machine it usually works, but as you found, not always.

Have fun at your class.

Cheryl - Saskatoon where “Spring has sprung” but no green grass yet.

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