Re: Resize embroidery design

Lyn Quine

Resizing can cause distortion, 20% smaller, unless the software used compensates by reducing stitches rather than making stitches smaller you could end up with a tight hard block.  If you can it’s probably better to use the GR hoop, or go back to the website and see if the design is there for a smaller hoop.  If you use the GR hoop, you could try floating it on the hoop and using the magnets on there,  I have done that, it’s better hooped and tightened a little then using the magnets, but floating can work but would depend on the thickness of the quilt sandwich.  You could try the big magnets,  or even Dianes idea of the fishing magnets rather than the magnet clips.  My last resort would be to reduce because of the risk of distortion.

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